Minion Themed Cafe in Osaka
Who doesn't love these adorable yellow little creatures in wearing overalls and goggles? Although they have a movie of their own, Minions first appeared in the movie Despicable me back in 2010.
How to Remove Stubborn Label on Bottles or Mason Jars for your DIY Crafts
Do you have lots of empty bottles or mason jars? Why not try to reuse or recycle them? Instead of throwing them, empty jars and bottles can be
Free Ice Cream Bar this July 1 in Osaka
Are you in Osaka this July 1, 2017? With the summer heat, who doesn't want free refreshments? The company, Imuriya, with its ice cream bar products is to distribute more than 19
Hiking Japan: Mt. Kongo-Guide to Osaka’s Highest Peak
During Japan’s Golden week I got the chance to hike Mt Kongo. It was my very first hike outside Philippines and I was both excited and nervous before the climb.

Takoyaki Without Tako (Octopus)
Takoyaki is one of Japan’s favorite food and I always wanted to try it unfortunately I am allergic to some seafood especially octopus and squids. So I tried to find a way to eat them without
Easy Japanese Recipe: Takikomi Gohan (with Photos)
3 cups of Rice

2.5 tbsp of dashi

3 tbsp of soysauce

3 pcs shitake mushroom(sliced)

1/2 cup of shimeji mushroom

1/2 cup maitake mushroom

Tamagoyaki (Japanese Egg Roll) Recipe: How I made my First successful Tamagoyaki
I am used to cooking scrambled eggs and omelette, where in you just pour the whisked eggs on frying pan and after a minute or two….it’s

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