5 Reasons I Travel Solo: Female Solo Traveler

It’s always been my dream to travel the world, visit each country, or at least cross out few of those country names and destinations (local and international) on my bucket list. It’s only later in my life I get to do some of those things one by one. Even if I wanted to do it before, I’m  always worried about the budget or if I had enough money, there would be no one available to go with me. It’s hard to travel without money right? And it’s also a bit scary to travel on your own, to be in an unfamiliar place for the first time on your own company. But then I found out that you don’t have to have a lot on your bank account to go to a really nice destination and If you really want to do something you really love, you can always do it with or without someone to be with you… no excuses. Actually, traveling alone can be both very exciting and liberating. Here are the reasons why.


ATV (4X4 RIDE) at Mount Pinatubo with my new found friends

1.You meet new friends. My first ever attempt to travel on my own was during my birthday this year. Of course,I was really nervous and I had to read a lot of articles regarding traveling solo. I searched for tips and read about the best and safest place for female solo traveler, etc. At first, I attempted as a joiner in an organized hiking tour on Mt. Pinatubo in Tarlac, Philippines. When I arrived at the meeting place, I found out that everyone who joined the tour were from the same company or at least everyone knew each other except me. I felt out of place at first but during our travel and the actual trekking, I made new friends. The group was so kind enough to have me as a part of the team. And as what I expected, I got the almost unending question from them which was “why are you alone?”


A pose at the edge to the cliff at Mount Pico de Loro

2.You build your confidence I am a naturally shy person (well everyone in my family is). Everyone who knows me and whom I met would say the same thing. I seldom be the one to start a conversation or approach someone, which sometimes people would think I’m a snob. But when I started solo traveling, I began to notice that approaching someone or starting a conversation just became a natural and spontaneous thing.






Enjoying the morning air and coffee on a tree house in Laguna

3.You control your time and make your own itineraries. Yes, this is the one I enjoy the most when traveling solo. I don’t have a time frame to follow, I don’t have to worry if I oversleep and that I have to be at a certain time to meet my friends on our meeting place. More than that, if I really love the place, I can decide to stay a bit longer and just wander around until my feet or my legs hurt.







A photo taken during my solo hike at Mt Gulugod Baboy’s Summit

.You don’t have someone to look after to. It may sound a little bit selfish, but sometimes it is more enjoyable to roam around without worrying about someone else. You don’t have to worry if your friends or whoever you’re with is tired, hungry or uncomfortable. You can decide where you want to eat and what you want to eat, when to rest or when to go back to your room.







My first scuba dive. Learning the hand signals underwater.

5.It’s liberating and soul refreshing. I believe everyone would agree with me on this. Whatever you’ve went through during your trip, maybe you got lost or maybe encountered someone who tested your patience, be it good or bad, there would still be that feeling that you had achieved something. Those experiences helped you improve yourself and reset your body and mind from the effects of stressful work, personal problem or even heartaches.




So that’s it, and I hope reading this post would lessen your fear and encourage you to try going out there and explore. I was once so afraid before I go on my first solo adventure, but then now I got hooked 🙂 There’s still that nervous feeling but mixed with excitement whenever I go on wandering alone. But at the end its all satisfying.

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