About Us

Our philosophy

Traveling isn’t only about going to places and having fun. It’s also about making memories, collecting experiences and gaining life lessons that would help make yourself become a better person. When you travel, there’s always a part of yourself that’s being upgraded, there’s this feeling within that something has changed. Each time you travel, sometimes you don’t notice it but little by little your confidence is build up, you become more sure of yourself, you see things in a wider perspective and you become more independent.

I hope this blog will not only give you tips and info’s about places you want to go or about things you want to try. But also, inspire and encourage you to go out of your comfort zone, take risk once in a while… well, I’m not talking about of putting your life or someone’s life in danger, but it’s about breaking your routine, facing your fear and let yourself  embrace the uncertainty. Go out there, dare yourself to do something different. TRAVEL. WANDER. LEARN. FIND PURPOSE.

“Let us not become weary of doing good, for at a proper time,we will reap a harvest if we do not give up- Galatians 6:9”

Meet the Author

I’m an accounting assistant by profession. I like to travel and try new things. I am independent, when I like to go somewhere I really want, either climbing mountain or just wandering around the city, I don’t wait for my friends’ schedule to be available, I travel or wander alone. An adventurous soul, fear doesn’t hold me back on doing what I love. On my free time, I love to do volunteer works. As for wealth… The I have really good friends, family, values and experiences both good and bad. I believe that you don’t have to be rich to help people, there is always something you can do for your community that don’t require money donations.