Easy Japanese Recipe: Takikomi Gohan (with Photos)


3 cups of Rice

2.5 tbsp of dashi

3 tbsp of soysauce

3 pcs shitake mushroom(sliced)

1/2 cup of shimeji mushroom

1/2 cup maitake mushroom

Slices of deep-fry tofu(aburaage)

*note you can use other kinds of mushroom or only 1 kind of mushroom


shitake, shimeji, maitake and tofu

Wash the rice and put enough amount of water. Rice cooker pot have numbers to indicate the amount of water per cup. Since I have 3 cups, I add water until the number 3 water level on the pot.

Add the dashi, soy sauce and mix/stir on the rice.


Add the mushroom and tofu on top

Cook on the rice cooker.


When it’s done, mix the rice and its mushroom and tofu toppings.



For videos, check my youtube channel or watch below

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