How to Remove Stubborn Label on Bottles or Mason Jars for your DIY Crafts

Do you have lots of empty bottles or mason jars? Why not try to reuse or recycle them? Instead of throwing them, empty jars and bottles can be repurposed in different ways. You can use them for your creative DIY projects. I normally use small empty bottles as containers for peppers and other cooking ingredients, while mason jars can be used as home decorations such such vase, pen holder, make-up brush holder etc.

Taking off stubborn sticker labels of jars and bottles can be time consuming but here’s a trick on how you can easily remove jars and bottle labels:

Things you need:

  • Empty bottles/mason jars
  • small basin
  • Hot water

1.Pour hot water into the small basin.


2.Put the jar/bottle and soak around 2-3 minutes

3.Take the sticker label off.

Soaking it on hot water, the label’s adhesive soften that makes it easier to remove.



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