List of Mountains to Climb near Manila: Batangas, Philippines

If you are working in Manila and your work does not always allow you to go on a long hours or days of traveling just to visit mountains or experience outdoor adventures, there are actually a lot of places near Manila where you can go hiking or mountaineering. One of the provinces you can go to is Batangas. Travel time from Manila is only around 3 to 4 hours. Either you want day hike or overnight camping, these mountains are best for you.
These mountains are highly recommended for newbies/beginners.
1. Mount Maculot- located at Cuenca Batangas; Rockies 706+ MASL, Summit 930+MASL; difficulty 3/9
2. Mount Batulao – Nasugbu, Batangas ; Summit 811+ MASL; difficulty 4/9
3. Mount Manabu- Sto. Tomas, Batangas; Summit 760 MASL; difficulty 2/9
4. Mount Talamitam- Nasugbu, Batangas; Summit 630+ MASL; difficulty 3/9
5. Mount Apayang- Nasugbu, Batangas; Summit 652+ MASL; difficulty 4/9
6. Mount Gulugod Baboy- Anilao, Mabini, Batangas; Summit 525+ MASL; difficulty 2/9
7. Mount Hugom- San Juan, Batangas; Summit 570 MASL ;difficulty 3/9
8. Mount Banoi- Lobo, Batangas; Summit 960 MASL; difficulty 3/9
9. Mount Lobo- Lobo, Batangas; Summit 710+ MASL; difficulty 3/9
10. Mount Daguldol- San Juan, Batangas; Summit 670+MASL ;difficulty 3/9
11. Mount Naguiling- Lobo, Batangas; Summit 1007 MASL; difficulty 5/9
12. Taal Vocano- Taal, Batangas, Summit 311 MASL; difficulty 2/9
13. Mount Tibig- Lobo, Batangas; Summit 563+ MASL; difficulty 2/9
14. Mount Malipunyo- Lipa Batangas; Summit 1005 MASL; difficulty 3/9
Will be posting another blog on how to go to those destinations.

Before the mountains were born or you brought forth the whole world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God.-Psalm 90:2

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