Philippine Mountaineers’ Vocabulary: Learn and Have Fun

One of the things I really enjoyed in going out there and exploring mountains is learning mountaineers’ lingo. I love those motivating words I often hear from the group regarding on how close we are from the summit, or simply those random craziness and “hugot lines” that would just pop up from someone to cheer up everyone. So when I was thinking of a topic to share here on my blog, I came up on making a list of words used by Filipino mountaineers. And I won’t be able to do this project without the help of my fellow mountaineers who also shared words they have learned during their climbs/hikes.

1. Damage fee – cost/fee or the amount you will incur on the climb/trip

2. Revenge – means your come back/return or second time to conquer the mountain

3. Malapit na ( we’re close) *to summit – means 5km more or less to summit

4. 10 minutes na lang (just 10 mins more) – usually means it’s 30 mins to 1 hour to summit

5. Take 5, 10, 15 or 20 – minutes to take a break or rest.

6. Sweeper – means the person on the last or rear end of the line during the climb.

7. Trail food – refreshment or snacks along the trail

8. Break camp – to pack up, clean and prepare to leave the camp

9. Abort climb – cancelled climb due to bad weather

10. Number 1 – means to pee

11. Number 2 – same with “Mayor’s office” or nature’s call 😀 I was quiet slow to get what this means at first actually

12.Harry Porter – someone who carries baggage/backpack

13. Mountaineers’ Rank (Filipino) – Harkor, Hokage, Kemberlu, Master, Grand Hokagirl

14. Greetings (to other groups of Mountaineers you encounter/meet during the hike) : magandang umaga (Good morning), magandang buhay, kain po tayo (let’s eat), kaya pa po yan!( you can do it!), Pa advance po (permission to get ahead on the trail)

15. 7-11 sa summit – stores on the summit/along the trail with high mark-up on items they’re selling.

16. 4-wheel drive – climbing with your hands and feet.

17. 6- wheel drive – crawling on your knees during the climb

18. adidulas – shoes with no traction, shoes not fit for climbing.

19. assault – the steep final leg of the trek leading to the summit

20. topload – riding on a jeepney’s roof

21. Jump off – entry point/ trail head/starting point of the climb

22. washup area – house/hotel/river/ditch for changing clothes in at the end of the trail

23. basecamp – place where mountaineers set up camp and leave things for assaults/explorations

Feel free to add word and it’s meaning on comment below.



1 I lift up my eyes to the mountains— where does my help come from? 2 My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.-Psalm 121:1-2   


sources: Members of CLIMBER group of FB (Jayson Pimentel,Dayanara Jane Angeles,Duanne Vasquez, Glenn Manalili, Jeoffrey Rhave Sansano, Ujin Austria, Eiger Ghie Pagente

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