Philippines’ Shoe Capital: Shoe Museum Tour

The Shoe Museum's simple but nice welcome sign

If you happen to be in Manila and looking for a place to wander around, try including Marikina City in your destination. I have been searching the internet for an interesting place to go on a weekend in Metro Manila, and one place in Marikina captured my curiosity.

I have lived in that city for almost a year some years ago but I wasn’t aware that that place existed. Even my friends who lives  there, haven’t visited the place until I asked her to wander off with me.

I think the place isn’t as famous as the other destinations in the Metro but it was quiet a rare find for me. So if you’re a fan of shoes, this place should be included on your must-visit-places list.

The Shoe Museum’s simple but nice welcome sign

The Museum

The place is not like a typical spacious museum, actually I think the place is just  a few hundred square meters. Looks more like a house to me. An old Spanish-era-style kind of house. It gives you a Vigan-like atmosphere when you’re in the area.









Entrance fee is only P50.00. The museum displays a thousand or more pair of shoes from famous personalities in the Philippines, from actress to beauty queens, politicians and TV personalities.

Several exhibits of simple to the weirdest shoes design are on display in the museum. The highlights of my visit there was I finally get to see the famous collections of shoes of the Philippines’ former First Lady ,Imelda Marcos. Only 800 pairs were donated there but they’re a must see items, if you happen to be curious about them like me.

It will only take you about half an hour or maybe less to tour around the museum. But I stayed a bit longer taking photos. Camera is allowed inside and you can take photos all you want provided that the flash is switched off.

What’s Next?

When you’re satisfied taking photos and touring inside the Shoe Museum, just across the street is one of the Marikina’s oldest building and famous restaurant.









lobby area of Cafe Kapitan

The place looks like you entered in a different era, with its Filipino-Spanish era house design. When I went there, there were students having field trip and Kapitan Moy’s Bldg (Cafe Kapitan) was one of their destinations. Of course I didn’t miss the opportunity to go inside and take some photos. We didn’t eat or order food though since it was not included on my budget during my visit there. My friend and I just went to one of the best goto and pancit restaurant just few meters away from Kapitan Moy’s


How to get there:

The easiest way is to take Bus or Train to Cubao, Quezon City then walk to Aurora Blvd. There are Jeepneys Going to Marikina in there or you can take a van express at  Aurora Blvd also but their terminal is at the Gateway Mall’s Entrance, tell the driver drop you off at Marikina Bayan, from there, take a tricycle to Shoe Museum.


“He gives me new strength. He leads me on paths that are right for the good of his name.-Psalm23:3”


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