Takoyaki Without Tako (Octopus)

Takoyaki is one of Japan’s favorite food and I always wanted to try it unfortunately I am allergic to some seafood especially octopus and squids. So I tried to find a way to eat them without giving me the rashes. You can also try experimenting with the fillings and enjoy your own version of Takoyaki.

Here are the Ingredients:


1 cup Takoyaki flour

750 ml water

Tenkasu (tempura scraps)

1 egg

1/2 tsp baking soda/powder

3 tbsp of beni shoga or pickled red ginger (this is optional but I love it)

A cup of green onions (chopped)

Tako’s(octopus) replacement: cut in about an inch

Chikuwa(fishcake roll)

Cheese Block

Weiner sausage


In a large bowl, mix and whisk the flour, egg,baking powder and pickled ginger

Heat the Takoyaki pan and grease with oil

Pour the takoyaki batter into the pan

Add the green onion and other fillings. Sprinkle the tenkasu


Once the batter turning light brown, use chopstick or picks to roll them. Continue flipping until they all turned dark golden brown and round.

Serve and top with spring onion and sauce( mayo, takoyaki sauce, or ponzu)



Here is my video:


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