Wandering in Japan: How to Buy Train Tickets


Planning to visit Japan? Maybe you already have a list of those places that you would want to visit. The next thing you would probably want to know is how to get to your listed destinations. Unless you’re on a group/package tour or you have extra budget to get around on a taxi then you probably won’t worry about your transportation. However, that would be less exciting and also means less adventure.

Getting around in Japan is not that difficult as you may think it seems. Japan is one of the Asian countries that has the most efficient, convenient and safest public transportation. Trains specifically (in my opinion), is the most convenient and fastest way to get around in Japan. If you’re worried that you won’t be able to buy ticket without a guide or someone who know how to speak or read Japanese language going with you, well …Train ticket vending machine in Japan has English menu/button if you can’t read/understand Japanese language.

Here’s your guide on how to buy train ticket.

1.Find out how much fare you have to pay going to your desired destination on the route map located above the ticket machines

route map with fare guide

Or on the stations fare chart/list usually located just beside the machine

stations fare chart


2.Click English button

3. Click button on the side indicating how many person or ticket you are going to purchase,then click purchase ticket.


4. Insert your money.( ¥10, ¥50, ¥100 and ¥500 coins; bills: ¥1,000, ¥5,000 and ¥10,000) note* not all vending machines accept ¥5,000 and ¥10,000 so better have smaller bills always.

5. Press/click the appropriate fare button.


6.Collect your change and get your ticket.

Happy Wandering! ;)♥


****note:about the pics, I tried to use atleast 2 different machines as a sample



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